In 1721 a Codecil (addition or addendum) was appended to the will, which both supplemented the existing will, and modified existing elements of it.

Codecil to the will.
The above named Leonard Robinson, now being in perfect mind and sound memory, and mindful to make some alterations in my said will, but not to alter or revoke the whole, doe make and appoynt this as a codicil to my above written will. And doe order and declare the, same to be taken and esteemed as part and parcel thereof, first of all ratifying and confirming all and everything in my above written will contained within is not hereby revoked or altered.


. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife as a further testimony of my great love and respect, all my plate, linen, pewter, brass, iron, bedding and all other of my household goods and furniture and impliments, of household stuff of what nature or sort soever the same are and standing and being in my now dwelling house, and also a sume of twenty guineas for and towards her immediate and better support, the same to be paid her immediately upon my death.

Item,. As a further direction to the free school intended to be founded as above said, I doe hereby order and empower and appoynt the trustees above mentioned and their successors for ever or the more pert of them, shall yearly and every year from and after the first two years of the said schooll being founded, elect and choose one or more boy or boys of honest patents, who shall have been taught, educated, and have remained as a scholar att the said schooll for the space of two years together or upwards. And to put the boy or boys appoynted to some handy craft trade, as to them shall seem fitting, and that my said trustsees and their successors may for ever have a fund or stock for placing out some boys apprentices as aforesaid. I doe hereby give and devise to my said trustees and their successors for ever the sum of tenn pounds without any deduction, to be issued and paid out of all my estate, lands, and tenements called Scale Parks, given and devised by my said will to my sister Annie Rooke, the same to be paid halfe yearly from and after my death by equal moietye, and for now paying thereof I do order and appoynt that my said trustees or any authorised by them, or any five or more of them shall and may enter into all or any part of the said premises, and destrain for the same and all arrears thereof and charges relating thereunto and such distress to take and carry away and sell, and dispose att thair wills and pleasure, or to hold and enjoy the said lands and fund, until payment be made as aforesaid.

Item, I do hereby revoke and disannull my said sister Annie Rooke from being executrix as in and by my said will was appoynted. And doe revoke all benefit and advantage to her given by the executorship. And I doe hereby nominate constitute and appoynt my three friends, Henry Stephenson,Whin Lane, Thomas Cottingham of Tunstall, and Timothy Dickenson of Scorton, all in the county of Yorke, gents, executors and t rustees of this my last will and testament, desiring they will take the same upon them and for their trouble I give to each of them one guinea to buy a mourning ring.

Item, I give and bequeath unto the said Henry Stephenson Thomas Cottingham, and Timothy Dickenson , all and every, my goods, cattells, chattells, and personal estate what nature. quality or kind soever , excepting what is devised to my wife as above said, upon trust that they shall thereout satisfy and pay all of my debts, legacys and expenses , of funeral, and after all payments and deductions made therefore or for charges relating thereunto, as also for all such costs charges trouble and expenses as they as they or any of them shall or may be put into. I doe order and appoynt the residue or surplus thereof shall be, paid and divided equally into fourteen parts or shares whereof nine parts shall be paid to and amongst my sister Annie Rooke, and her eight children. Two parts more to the two daughters of my late brother Richard Robinson and the remaining parts to Mary Oates my late servant servant and daughter of Sarah Hodgson of Scorton and if any of my said brothers daughters are dead, each share or part to go unto the survivors. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this sixth day of April, Anno Dom. 1721.




Geo Burton
Geo Hoggorthwaite
Matt Smailes